Old dirty concrete floors can be restored. King Contracting offers cleaning and resealing floors to bring your existing surfaces back to life. We, at King Contracting, can work around your schedule to ensure the job completion is timely.

Refresh Quickly

Cleaning & Resealing is a fast process, which can easily be completed during closed hours. This allows you to refresh your existing floor, cleaning up old grime and revealing a cleaned surface.

Add Protection

After deep cleaning, we recommend adding a scratch resistant or stain resistant sealer. Our sealers penetrate and react with the concrete, making them easier to maintain and more effective.

Crack & Joint Repair

In addition to Cleaning & Resealing, King Contracting offers crack and joint repair. We are able to clean and fill cracks and concrete joints, offering a seamless look with lasting durability.

Cleaning + Resealing Projects:

Sealer Application:


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