Customize your floor with a variety of vibrant colors to achieve the look you want. King Contracting’s staining technology penetrates and reacts with the concrete and does not sit on the surface like a coating. This increases the durability of the stain and eliminates the risks of chipping or peeling. King Contracting’s stained concrete floors are, for the very reason, considered versatile and fade-resistant.

Customize your Surface

We offer stains in many various colors. We can work with you to develop stenciled decorative decals, such as logos or entirely stained floors. The choice is yours. Click below to enlarge.


Investing in a stained floor means taking a few necessary steps in proper maintenance. Protecting your investment is key. We work with you to develop a proper maintenance plan that is both affordable and simple.

Long Lasting

Our stains penetrate and react with the concrete. They will not chip away like a traditional coating. With the proper maintenance plan in tact, King Contracting’s decorative floors can last you years to come.


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