Concrete naturally dusts; however, we have a solution. A simple application of densifier will eliminate the natural dusting of concrete as the calcium hydroxide in cement is chemically hardened and eliminated. During this process, densification will create a strong and durable surface.

Easy to maintain

A simple application of densifier strengthens the surface and eliminates the natural dusting of concrete. The surface requires minimal daily maintenance with no need for stripping and reapplication, like a wax.


A surface treated with lithium densifier can withstand forklift traffic and foot traffic for many years to come. Implement an easy maintenance plan to further extend the durability of your surface.


Lithium silicate molecules are very small, allowing for less product to be used to dustproof and harden your surface. A densified floor will naturally create some sheen and can increase light reflectancy, meaning less lights used in your warehouse.

Densifier Application:


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