A high gloss polish is exceedingly modern, beautiful and long-lasting. We, at King Contracting, take all the necessary steps to create a sustainable, durable, glossy and gorgeous floor for you. Besides such excellent services, King Contracting’s unique process allows highly glossy floors to be an option for all budgets.


Highly polished concrete lends itself to a very clean aesthetic. A polished floor can easily fit the needs of the owner, whether it be increased light reflectance or a very modern, stylish look.


After concrete has been polished and sealed, the surface becomes very strong and resistant to wear. This increased strength will add years of life to your finished floor surface.

Easy to Maintain

A high-gloss finish is smooth to the touch, which makes it easier to clean. King Contracting will create a unique maintenance plan for your newly polished floor to ensure your investment stays beautiful for years to come.

Sealer / Guard Application


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