King Contracting provides a host of flooring services including diamond polishing, floor preparation, epoxy coating, custom coatings, dyes, stains, waterproofing, joint filling, caulking, and sealing of concrete for new and existing construction projects.

With decade’s worth of knowledge and expertise in concrete polishing business, King Contracting delivers a wide range of floor solutions to the customers that are durable, sustainable, beautiful, and affordable. We are committed to understand your needs and provide you with nothing but the best flooring solutions.

With our excellent and cost-effective services, King Contracting has exceeded customer’s expectations. These outstanding services range over industrial, commercial, retail and residential floor solutions. In fact, our industrial Floor Coating is a leading provider of Concrete Polishing, Staining, Sealing, Hardening, Restoration and Joint Filling. So, when it comes to flooring solutions, we offer you the finest service.

Our services are not limited to floors, we also provide a wide variety of quality commercial and industrial painting services at affordable prices that meet our customers’ needs. Our interior and exterior painting services cover your Commercial, and industrial buildings such as offices, warehouses, multistory buildings, hotels, restaurants and high-rises.

So if you want an exceptional service in your budget, look no further because King Contracting is nothing but the best.


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