Westcoat Epoxy Warehouse

Westcoat commercial grade 3 coat epoxy system resists tire marks and chemical stains! Perfect for shops and maintenance bays.

Tom’s Camperland

20,000 sq ft warehouse facility grind + seal for Tom’s Camperland

Potato Barn

100,000ft2 Potato Barn in Mesa, sealed with a 3 different blended GemTone stain colors (Desert Sand, Black & Bronze) system. Great for an earthy effect!

Mesa Medical Office Space

High polish for office spaces! Natural gray concrete finish.

Fountain Hills Man Cave

3300ft2 man cave done up to a salt & pepper finish with a nice polish and joints filled.

Costco Wholesale Clean + Seal

Got black dirty concrete?
We can bring it back to clean and gray again with our cost effective Clean & Seal system!

The images below show a Costco exterior slab covered in black tar staining from parking lot area before and the after our service.

Stain Finish Residential Home

2000ft2 home ground brought up to a satin finish with a rustic Georgia Clay stain.


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